TERRA's policy is to develop an interdisciplinary, interfaculty and international research.

Organisation TERRA



In order to achieve these objectives, the mutualisation policy conducted at the TERRA is essential and concerns::

  • A number of remarkable facilities (worth several tens of millions of euros) gathered in three CAREs (EnvironmentIsLife, FoodIsLife, AgricultureIsLife) and made available on a priority and privileged basis (preferential rate) to the members of TERRA;
  • Technical staff (technicians, logistician) assigned to these CAREs;
  • Direct or indirect financial support for collaborative projects of international scope.

TERRA is also developing a policy of participation in a number of international networks (ICOS, ANEE, KIC FOOD4FUTURE …) and an international laboratory project with the University of Lille which should allow the pooling of resources on a European scale.

Organisation of the research unit TERRA

Each of the three CAREs is governed by a management committee consisting of a President (Pres.), a Director (Dir.) and user representatives (F. Lebeau (Pres.) and V. Leemans (Dir.) for EIL, B. Bodson (Pres.) and J. Bindelle (Dir.) for AIL, C. Blecker (Pres.) and F. Delvigne (Dir.) for FIL).

A management committee of the RU TERRA is currently composed of an executive bureau (P. Jacques (Pres.), M. Aubinet (Vice-Pres.) and Y. Beckers (Secretary)), the vice-dean of research (F. Francis), the presidents of the three CAREs as well as representatives of the academic, scientific and ATO deputy research staff. It is also planned to add representatives for each faculty of the ULg other than GxABT who wish to contribute and join the RU TERRA.